Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enceng Gondok

Situ Tipar (Tipar lake) in Cimanggais Depok West Java,water hyacinths are great nuisance.
The water hyacinths are now cover most of lake's surface , making it harder for them to get fish.

Pemerintah kota (Pemkot)Depok deployed a dregging machine to help clear the water from hyacinths
Afterwards , they heaved the uprooted hyacinths onto the banks of the lake.

Research , how ever , show that the water weeds could be useful.
The plants could absorb heavy metals , which could help reduce pollution if liquid waste is dumped into the lake for example.
Studies show that keeping a covering of water hycinths overless 50 percent the water surface is good for body of water itself.

They can also be transformed hycinths into beautiful bag , or sandal , to find it in handicraft stores.
Tipar residents however , say there has not been , any training for they to turn the hycinths into something beneficial for the local economy.

Pemkot Depok did was to send a machine to clear a problem that would eventually grow back.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010