Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Panambungan Island

Panambungan island is small one from the Indonesian archipelago , it is  a 45 minutes trip to the island from Makassar the capital city of South Sulawesi.
You can dive into the water , where the water around the island is clean and it was delightfult to swim , snorkeling , treading on white sand.
Big trees with cherry like fruit that scattered colored leaves on the ground ,and the sweet smelling jasmine plants , very beauty.

The clear light blue  water is too shallow for swimming.
Snorkeling though you are likely to spot small simple colored fish.
However , lurking in the clear clean water , are tiny translucent jelly fish locally called ice jelly fish , which cause severe itchiness if they make contack with the skin.There is also a sort of oval shaped flat fish camouflaging itself to resemble a thin mound of sand.

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